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I am a PhD student at MIT. My research interests are in applying machine learning to routing problems. I completed my MEng at MIT with a GPA of 5.0. Classes I took for credit include Optimization, Statistical Learning Theory, Reinforcement Learning and Parallel computing. Previously, I worked at Palantir as a software engineer. I have experience with large scale data integration and analysis and machine learning. I solve problems by first breaking it down, understanding the principles behind the problem, and then prioritizing the most important sub-problems to solve. When writing the solution, I do not believe in quick fixes and gravitate towards writing clean maintainable code.

I do more LeetCode nowadays. I try and do the weekly contest. I don't consciously try and get a perfect rating on LeetCode so ignore the stats on my profile, but if you're curious, it's in the link above.

Cool stuff that I did: