Mount SUTD 2014

Raymond, a very good friend of mine taking the lead. I'm in the orange jacket!

Hi there! I’m Samuel from the pioneer batch of the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). I love climbing mountains. I wanted to pursue my passion, and that’s how this project came about! Raymond, a very good friend of mine, started this project with me.

As pioneers of SUTD, we wanted to do something for the school and something we really loved. We gathered a group of individuals interested in mountaineering and founded SUTD Mountaineering. We began generating ideas on what we could do.

Our initial idea was Mount Everest, but that proved to be very challenging and dangerous, as we had limited time. That idea was rejected, but we remained optimistic and began generating new ideas. Our new ideas were also rejected, and there wasn’t much progress. Soon, members started leaving the club.

At the same time, new members joined us. We tried our very best to keep the vision alive. Our perseverance paid off and we finally got an idea approved: To name a mountain after SUTD. We began raising funds and spreading awareness of what we were doing and we managed to raise funds for our club and other 5th Rows in SUTD.

On August 31st 2014, all 8 members successfully reached the top of an unnamed and unclimbed mountain, 6056m, 19868.77ft. And yes, we named it Mount SUTD! It should be on the maps in a few years.

Read about the adventure at www.sutdmountaineering.com. I used to be the webmaster there, but we have since handed it over to the next generation of SUTD Mountaineers :)

Update on 2nd May 2016. The juniors are really doing well! They’ve grown to quite a large size and have executed a trip to Vietnam and China since August 2016.
They have also secured funding for a training climb in Kazakhstan. Most recently, I heard that there’s someone who wants to do a big climb. Perhaps the time is now ripe for big things to happen ;)