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Posted: 29 July 2016

EFSG holds an event every Friday, and they interestingly named it TGEF. TGEF stands for “Thank God Entrepreneur First”. It’s some acronym play on TGIF. This post is about the second TGEF held. I didn’t blog about the first one as I didn’t think of it, but I will from...

Entrepreneur First

Posted: 15 July 2016

EDIT: This post has been elaborated on. I will walk you through the entire process of my EFSG interviews. It might change in future. I’ll be writing my opinion of each stage, since I think it’s what most people will be looking out for. STAGE ONE The first part of...

Learning from rotations?

Posted: 4 June 2016

Part 1: 4th June 2016 For almost the longest time ever, I had this hypothesis: Take a video from all perspectives of an object, do some segmentation to extract only the object, train the neural network with these images, and you will get a neural network that can recognize these...

Web Development? Or Not?

Posted: 24 May 2016

If you’ve been following my blog, I’ve been having this discourse within myself on getting down to learning a web development framework or not. A friend of mine, who’s a rails developer, shared this post. I kinda agree with most of what Piotr Solnica says. You see, since time immemorial,...

Maintain. Or Rebuild?

Posted: 23 May 2016

Recently, I had to revamp SUTD Mountaineering’s website. This is the third time I’m doing this. The first time, I populated all the posts to Tumblr. The second, all to Wordpress. These hosts did not offer much customizability and I didn’t like it. As such, I had to bite the...