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Posted: 26 August 2016

Today’s talk was on communication. In the startup scene, people are going to assume that you are not a very good communicator. More so when you’re someone technical. So if you communicate well, you basically have scored some points already. How do you communicate well then? Is what you say...


Posted: 19 August 2016

Today’s talk will be on customer development and tech risk again. The strong emphasis placed on this shows that this is really important. Customer development can probably be broadly split into two stages. In stage one, it’s more exploratory. You go out and meet people and ask for advice. In...


Posted: 15 August 2016

I’ve been exploring TensorFlow lately. I need to get better at it, as I think TensorFlow will have lots of features in future. Here’s an unsupervised autoencoder. I only trained it on a single example so it’s definitely overfitting. I just did it to prove that some code that I’m...


Posted: 12 August 2016

Today’s talk was about customer development. The emphasis was really on talking to customers. It’s easy to build a start-up, but it’s hard to build a product people want. There are tons of stuff that people should want, but don’t want. For example, the job of a physiotherapist is to...


Posted: 5 August 2016

TGEF was slightly different today. We didn’t have any talks in the morning, as we were meeting DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam for lunch. I was really excited about it. The meeting was at the level 10 conference room at the Ministry of Finance. It was the largest conference room I have...