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Learning from rotations?

Posted: 4 June 2016

Part 1: 4th June 2016 For almost the longest time ever, I had this hypothesis: Take a video from all perspectives of an object, do some segmentation to extract only the object, train the neural network with these images, and you will get a neural network that can recognize these...

Web Development? Or Not?

Posted: 24 May 2016

If you’ve been following my blog, I’ve been having this discourse within myself on getting down to learning a web development framework or not. A friend of mine, who’s a rails developer, shared this post. I kinda agree with most of what Piotr Solnica says. You see, since time immemorial,...

Maintain. Or Rebuild?

Posted: 23 May 2016

Recently, I had to revamp SUTD Mountaineering’s website. This is the third time I’m doing this. The first time, I populated all the posts to Tumblr. The second, all to Wordpress. These hosts did not offer much customizability and I didn’t like it. As such, I had to bite the...

Wally Part 2

Posted: 7 April 2016

I was reminded of this task as I had to do a write up on this. As such, I went back to fix the data sets! Unfortunately, I really wanted to put a collage that looks like this to show you the information. SVHN, MNIST, Noise However, this was hardcoded...

Maintaining a Website is Tiring

Posted: 1 April 2016

Next post after a 1 month hiatus of updating this blog. I have been updating it regularly with Project Euler though. I find that fun and easy to maintain. Just solve a question and talk a little bit about it! Yup so this title says it all. I find it...