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EFSG1 Day 1

Posted: 26 September 2016

It’s the first day of EF! This is the first time everyone (almost everyone) will be coming together as a cohort. The new office is really cool. We have a long day of activities ahead. We started with Matt giving us an introduction of the history of EF and how...


Posted: 22 September 2016

It’s almost a month since the previous TGEF. Time passed really fast. It didn’t feel like it at all! Over the past 2 months, I’ve been really focused on customer development. I’ve found out a lot about the space of video analytics and natural language processing. When I say a...

ISTD Sophomores Welcome 2016

Posted: 16 September 2016

I was honoured to be invited as an alumnus to give a speech. I thought I’d share what I said here. The story from Art & Fear really struck a chord with me. Good afternoon Professor Aditya, ISTD Head of Pillar. Faculty. Staff. PhD Students, and Undergraduates. I am honoured...


Posted: 26 August 2016

Today’s talk was on communication. In the startup scene, people are going to assume that you are not a very good communicator. More so when you’re someone technical. So if you communicate well, you basically have scored some points already. How do you communicate well then? Is what you say...


Posted: 19 August 2016

Today’s talk will be on customer development and tech risk again. The strong emphasis placed on this shows that this is really important. Customer development can probably be broadly split into two stages. In stage one, it’s more exploratory. You go out and meet people and ask for advice. In...