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Choices. Choices.

Posted: 21 June 2013

And so our instructor Charles told us that a differential would be too ambitious a project in such a short timespan. Somehow or another he was extremely convincing, so we agreed to not be so ambitious. So here are some of things that we’ve decided on: Four Wheels Around a...

Preliminary Brainstorming and Sketches

Posted: 19 June 2013

Based on the briefings and the 2.007 blogs that we’ve seen, there are a few variables that we could explore: Differential? Gear box? How many wheels? How many motors? Big or small wheels? How is steering done?

Differential Disassembly

Posted: 18 June 2013

We found a cheap differential and we thought we’d disassemble it, just to learn more about them so we could decide better if we wanted to construct/buy one (the one we could order was almost the exact same thing from Surplus Center). It was an extremely simple design, but at...