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Milestone 2

Posted: 25 June 2013

So given that we’re going to use two motors driving two rear wheels, we’ve done some calculations and we’ve realized that the kv of the motors we’ve been browsing are too damn high. The problem was that with the gear ratio given and the max speed that we’d be travelling...

Choices. Choices.

Posted: 21 June 2013

And so our instructor Charles told us that a differential would be too ambitious a project in such a short timespan. Somehow or another he was extremely convincing, so we agreed to not be so ambitious. So here are some of things that we’ve decided on: Four Wheels Around a...

Preliminary Brainstorming and Sketches

Posted: 19 June 2013

Based on the briefings and the 2.007 blogs that we’ve seen, there are a few variables that we could explore: Differential? Gear box? How many wheels? How many motors? Big or small wheels? How is steering done?

Differential Disassembly

Posted: 18 June 2013

We found a cheap differential and we thought we’d disassemble it, just to learn more about them so we could decide better if we wanted to construct/buy one (the one we could order was almost the exact same thing from Surplus Center). It was an extremely simple design, but at...