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$0.0033 left.

Posted: 28 July 2013

We milked every penny! We are left with one third of a cent. wow

Rolling test completed!

Posted: 25 July 2013

Batt Mobile all set and ready to roll Us and the kart Woohoo! We got 10/10. Soldered hall effect sensor That concludes our journey with the Mechanical Component of this EV summer program. Time for electronics! Can’t wait to get the car moving!

Chassis completed!

Posted: 25 July 2013

And so… We began our assembly after dinner, at about… 8pm? Andrew fixing the front wheel. Tightening the bolts The front wheel was slightly problematic as the holes were somehow misaligned. They weren’t misaligned the first time we put them in. We think it was largely due to the fact...

Towel Seat

Posted: 24 July 2013

So… Our wheels are finally complete! We drilled the washer and the sprocket onto the wheel with the inner ring of the plastic wheel. Charles used 6 screws for Chibikart. 6 screws sounds legit, but we thought we would just go 12 for extra safety :D Loctite-ed bolt. I think...

Naming the Kart

Posted: 24 July 2013

We have decided. After much deliberation. To name our kart the BATT MOBILE. BATT MOBILE!