Don't take the post dates on this page as a measure of how often I blog. I update my Books page and Euler page quite often.

Version 1.3

Posted: 26 December 2015

Added check statements in create_post.bash. Prevents the possibility of overwriting existing posts. Added captions styling. index.html now has neat lists with excerpts. If no image is present in the post, space for image is removed.

Version 1.2

Posted: 25 December 2015

Added footer. Added version history. Dynamic update of footer to show current version. Added some padding to main content to make it neater. Formatted navbar to follow content column grid layout.

Version 1.1

Posted: 25 December 2015

Added create_post.bash. Added syntax.css. Added highlight syntax functionality with liquid tags. Formatted content to not span entire browser window.

Version 1.0

Posted: 25 December 2015

Added Navbar.

Images and some Markdown

Posted: 20 December 2015

Woohoo. Second post. Making some good progress. I really should contribute a little everyday. It makes things so much easier. I took screenshots of my website at it’s very bare stage. I can look back on it in future and see how far I’ve come! I’ve also figured out how...