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Project Euler 100

Posted: 29 December 2015

Question 100 Diophantine Equation Pell's Equation I decided to skip the first few questions as it’s just tedious implementation. I jumped to 100 and thought it was interesting, so why not? It turned out to be a pretty tough problem for me because I haven’t seen such problems before. My...

Project Euler 9, 10

Posted: 28 December 2015

Question 9 Question 10 9 was a relatively interesting question on pythagorean triplets. An example of a pythogorean triplet would be 3^2 + 4^2 = 5^2. There are actually many more. Turns out that we can use Euclid’s formula to find out the variables a, b and c. These variables...

Version 1.4

Posted: 27 December 2015

Images on homepage now scroll proportionately. Added Projects dropdown menu. Added a nice little table to show Project Euler progress. Extracted all posts with tags "gokart" into EV page. Need to refactor dynamic image thumbnail. It only works on home page now but not for others because index.html was edited...

Project Euler 7, 8

Posted: 27 December 2015

Question 7 Question 8 Just finished question 7 and 8. Relatively easy questions that could be done very quickly in python. However, I decided to do these questions in C as I would like to become better at C. 7 was pretty much very straight forward as it was just...

GitHub Repositories have Size Limits!!!

Posted: 27 December 2015

Very pleased with my progress thus far. I am already at Version 1.3 of my website and it’s looking real good! I really like the lists thing. It makes stuff really neat and has a small thumbnail that makes it even more appealing. It’s generally pretty good now, but doesn’t...