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Project Euler 1 to 100

Posted: 24 January 2016

I decided to create this post because I thought it would be extremely inconvenient to create a new post whenever I finish a few problems. I think I will just lump everything into a gigantic post for 1 to 100, since they are relatively trivial problems. The headers are arranged...

Project Euler 14, 15, 16, 17

Posted: 21 January 2016

Question 14 Question 15 Question 16 Question 17 14 was simple. Since the Collatz Problem has not been proved yet, I assume that there’s no smart way to do this…? In any case, C is really fast. In case this requires some crazy long loop. Coded it in C and...

Project Euler 11, 13

Posted: 18 January 2016

Question 11 Question 13 Alright. You must be wondering why I skipped 12. Well there’s an elegant solution to 12, which I haven’t thought of yet. I will get it to soon, and I will most probably just update this post than create a new one. 11 was fairly simple....


Posted: 15 January 2016

Part 1 In my previous post on SVHN TensorFlow, I mentioned that a rotate function would be good! Turns out that someone else also had the same idea too! The issue is now on TensorFlow GitHub. I would like to take this small project on. It will definitely give me...

SVHN TensorFlow

Posted: 13 January 2016

Part 1 In my previous post, Wally TensorFlow, I adapted the code from the MNIST convolutional version. I decided to try out the CIFAR10 one now. This time, I ran it on an openly available data set, which is the Street View House Numbers. The intuition for me was to...