Q2+ 2021 Review

Posted: 8 August 2021

This review is late, as I didn’t hit all my goals in Q1 and thus procrastinated. I should just write it next time and acknowledge they weren’t hit. Let’s look at Q2 goals:

  1. I launched the business but didn’t incorporate. Didn’t intend to in any case. Only sold less than 20 products as I didn’t actively market it. I was stuck in the chicken and egg problem, which probably happens in every startup. I didn’t really get out of it so that’s a lesson learnt. I felt like the product wasn’t good enough to market, as it was hand made. On the other hand, if you never try, you never know if you will hit the scale of 10000 items. It was in a weird spot. My sister is really good at sourcing for products and she helped me out with this. She managed to find “good enough” products from Taobao to sell, and there were actually people producing similar things in China! I didn’t do enough market research for this admittedly. If I had really spent a good amount of time doing some market research, I might have found this and taken a different path in selling this product. I did not do market research at that time as I wasn’t treating it seriously as a startup. I really just wanted to jump in and make a product. I enjoyed that a lot. This is something to keep in mind when I start something proper.
  2. Build another business was the second goal. I didn’t try at all.
  3. I completed it! I missed A by 2 marks, which is a bummer but I learnt a lot in this course. I know how to read and understand a balance sheet now.

So I met only 1 Q2 goal, which is bad. I should be more realistic in my goal setting and try and hit all goals I set. I recall the SMART acronym for goal setting, but I forgot what it stands for. I should revisit it. I did achieve other things though.

Wrote 3 PRs on Algorand

I wrote 3 PRs on Algorand, each taking 0.5 / 0.5 / 8 hours. That’s the actual time spent, but I probably spent a bit more time reading the code and exploring other Algorand features. I thought this achievement was interesting as they actually gave out bounties in ALGO.

Read 2 Books

I read The Intelligent Investor and This Time is Different. Both financial books.

Honestly, I don’t remember what else I did. I read a few supply chain research materials here and there, and dabbled in various things. I guess setting regular goals and celebrating small wins keeps me on my toes. With this post, it’s the end of my 1 year sabbatical since leaving Palantir. I should write the entire year in review some day to keep track of my growth areas during the sabbatical. Off to MIT!