Q1 2021 Review

Posted: 4 April 2021

Just like how companies have quarterly updates, I thought of trying an experiment of first running myself like a company. In the first post this year, I talked about my Q1 2021 goals. Let’s see if I’ve met them.

Be much better at front end programming.

I did get much better at front end programming. In fact, I coded up the entire frontend of this side project I have (that I hope to turn into a business). I won’t post the URL here as it’s not launched yet but I’ll be launching it this week. I thought of posting some screenshots here for posterity but nah. It will be on GitHub forever. Coding for mobile views are really hard - even with media breakpoints. A view that looks nice on mobile and laptops with size less than 1920px, looks really bad on a 4K or 5K monitor. A master of frontend programming would of course know all these details at the back of their hand.

Understand GCP a lot better.

I build everything on GCP now! I’ve used Cloud Functions, App Engine, VMs, Cloud Run, etc. Once again, knowing how to do it, is different from mastery.

Refine the hacky stuff I built.

When I mentioned this, I was really talking about the various trading algorithms I wrote. I haven’t done anything about that yet, so this was not met.

So for Q2 2021, I expect to:

  1. Launch my business and sell 100 of said product.
  2. Build another business. This is up in the air and there’s no real metric to it. I’ll leave this as is for now.
  3. Complete MITx Financial Accounting.