First Post of 2021

Posted: 2 January 2021

Keeping this tradition going of writing a first post of the year. I was late in 2020 though.

Let’s first review the four goals set in 2020:

  1. I did not finish 500 questions on LeetCode. I changed this goal soon after March 2020. Finishing 500 questions seemed more like a nice to have and some arbitrary thing.
  2. I read more than 5 general knowledge books. I only documented 5 as there were a few others that I read through pretty quickly.
  3. I finished all 5 modules on the MIT Supply Chain Management MicroMasters! Just have to finish the comprehensive exam now.
  4. I did build some things on the side. They are really hacky and I’m going to refine them this year.

I’ll do something different this year and have quarterly posts. So for Q1 2021, I expect to:

  1. Be much better at front end programming.
  2. Understand GCP a lot better.
  3. Refine the hacky stuff I built.