EF Ends

Posted: 30 April 2017

The last EF post was on 29th December 2016. Well, a lot has changed since then. I did update something in the “Failures” post on 13th January 2017. So my co-founder then decided that we were doing was not really his cup of tea. We tried pivoting, but couldn’t agree on an idea. As such, we decided to split. He went on to join another group in EF, while I got someone who left EF in December back in. We continued working on video compression, but felt that perhaps doing this as a business is not that viable an option. As such, we went back to video analytics.

We made quite a few MVPs, and talked to a few customers. After awhile, another EF team broke up and we took in 1 more person to form a 3 man team. We continued building stuff and tried to sell it, and were actually close to closing 2 deals, with 1 more larger deal in the pipeline which could be closed by September 2017.

We became more like Computer Vision consultants, delivering small solutions to customers. I did like this idea. Delivering solutions and eventually finding a product that can scale. However, we decided doing this as a company is not as ideal. I had many other reasons as to why it wouldn’t work out as a company as well.

Alas, we decided to split ways, and our EF journey is over at the end of March. I found other Computer Vision consulting opportunities, and will be working on them. I’m also full-time at a local company doing Deep Learning for FPGA. I learnt a lot over the EF journey, and I’m grateful for that! Here are some takeaways:

  1. Team is very important. Trust between co-founders is important.
  2. Everyone should give their 100%. If someone isn’t contributing as much, the team will fail.
  3. Analyse deeply into what others say. Don’t take everything at face value!
  4. Customer development is very important.
  5. Be married to a problem? Or be married to a technology?
  6. Edge based ideation? Or problem based ideation?

These few points immediately come to my head. I’m sure there are many more that I have internalized. For more start-up pointers, refer to Books 2017 for some start-up books that I’ve read. Those are great pointers too!

My journey with EF is over. For now at least.