Chassis completed!

Posted: 25 July 2013

And so… We began our assembly after dinner, at about… 8pm?

Andrew fixing the front wheel.

Tightening the bolts

The front wheel was slightly problematic as the holes were somehow misaligned. They weren’t misaligned the first time we put them in. We think it was largely due to the fact that the top and bottom plates were not aligned properly. Nonetheless, the wheels can somewhat rotate. Do remember to align the top and bottom plate in future!

Accelerator pedal fixed onto chassis

The front segment gave us many problems. We had to take the bars in and out and in and out many times because we forgot 1 bracket or something like that. Or we had to adjust the position of certain components. It was really time consuming.

Front wheels, brakes, accelerator completed! (Part of steering as well)

Random picture

Fixing on the back wheel

Once again this was another problematic one as we fixed on the rear wheel as a whole, together with the chain and motor. It was really hard to squeeze the 80/20 in between the plates!

Fine tuning the brakes

Brakes proved to be really difficult as well. We had to find a balance of it being too close to the wheel and it being unable to provide enough force when we jam the brakes.

Looks good!

Almost completed, with steering wheel on. The steering wheel is really quite bad as it is not 100% attached to the shaft. It’s kinda loose. When we turn, the steering wheel just rotates about the axis but the wheels don’t turn. Gotta fix that.

Andrew on the kart

All done!

All done! (another view)