Towel Seat

Posted: 24 July 2013

So… Our wheels are finally complete! We drilled the washer and the sprocket onto the wheel with the inner ring of the plastic wheel. Charles used 6 screws for Chibikart. 6 screws sounds legit, but we thought we would just go 12 for extra safety :D

Loctite-ed bolt. I think Andrew blogged about it previously already. So yes we have to saw this bolt down as it was blocking our steering. Cold Saw and Band Saw won’t work as it can’t cut steel. I had to hack saw it really really hard. And then we found something awesome and cut it really quickly!

Okay here’s the sewing machine we borrowed to sew our “beach chair” that is going to be attached to our go kart.

Winding the bobbin.


Finally threaded the machine after learning how to thread it. So I spent like 5 hours figuring out why the stupid machine makes all the thread really lose behind but really nice from the front. And then Xin Hui chanced upon me sewing something and she asked what I was doing. I told her about the seat and she said she has sewn stuff before!

Xin Hui helping us with the sewing machine.

Completed towel with 4 lines of stitching

8 inches wide, 21 inches long