All waterjet parts are in, assembly begins!

Posted: 21 July 2013


Milling the messed up waterjet parts

Precisiong drilling. It's quite a thin strip of plastic we have to drill into.

Drilling again

Drilling the tiny holes on the wheel

Alright, relatively short blog post here. So we bought our sprockets from McMaster but the 6 holes that come with the sprocket magically fitted perfectly into the air gap on our wheel. How sweet.

We had to come up with a different way of attaching the sprocket to the wheel. As such, we used really tiny screws, and drilled really tiny holes, into a thin strip of plastic. We used 6 screws initially and thought it would be firm. But hey, why not go for 12 for extra security?

More pictures of the completed wheel will be up once we have finished it!