Wood has evolved to Metal!

Posted: 12 July 2013

A significant portion of our parts were waterjetted from sheet aluminium today! I’ve never used a waterjet before so that was utterly awesome.

Charles and Justin, awesome dudes who helped us waterjet it and brought the metal sheets to the archi lab and back to IDC.

The sign is very literal

Andrew being awesome

Samuel being retarded

Sheet metal marked with our kart number

The waterjet

These two pieces were the exact same file, but the slot was cut terribly on one of the pieces. Doesn't matter - we can fix it!

The slot for the nut that was going to be the thread for the bolt that was going to hold our finger joint together (wow) wasn't cut quite well, but we fixed it!

I guess the important thing is to note that the waterjetter isn’t reliable, and to always be ready to make spares etc. The band saw actually comes in incredibly useful for fixing such errors.

Regardless, we finally popped everything out of our sheet:

And finally started assembling metal onto metal:


The messy table once again.