Give me a Brake!

Posted: 10 July 2013

As it turns out, Charles has told us that can-braking is something “he should never have allowed” – I suppose that means it’s allowed though. Heheh. Can braking is the act of braking your vehicle by stopping your outrunner motor. This has a major benefit – convenience and cost.

But allowed or not, it was still quite sketchy, plus you could see where he was coming from – the motor was never designed to take non-axial loads, and if you used can-braking you could potentially heat up the motor and do things to it you probably wouldn’t want.

So we went on to redesign the brakes. We settled on attempting to mash a bicycle brake pad into the part of the sprocket without the chain, but the main issue with that was that we might not be able to get enough traction without “pinching” the sprocket.

Brake Mechanism

This is the brake setup that we’re currently trying to work with, with an arm that’s sort of oddly shaped because we wanted to add the ability to customize how where the pads would be, because CAD might not be so reliable all the time, and brake pads wear out etc.

One of our largest worries is that the sprocket might deform if we stomp on the pedal too hard – we’re still thinking about that though. I guess we’ll have to try it first.

Our second largest worry (which probably should be our largest) is that we might not be able to mash into the sprocket with enough force to actually stop the vehicle… Ouch.