Choices. Choices.

Posted: 21 June 2013

And so our instructor Charles told us that a differential would be too ambitious a project in such a short timespan. Somehow or another he was extremely convincing, so we agreed to not be so ambitious. So here are some of things that we’ve decided on:

  1. Four Wheels
  2. Around a 1-5 Gearing
  3. Probably going for four battery packs
  4. Two BLDC motors and two kelly controllers

Steering hasn’t been decided on yet but we get the feeling we’re gonna be able to hodgepodge it later on into something beautiful.

The reality is that our kart is now going to look very much like the chibikart except probably much bigger, because we like more leg room.

Even the braking system is probably gonna be similar (a brake pad on the outrunner) because of the added complexity of having to add a brake disc on top of a sprocket onto a wheel.

But then again imitation is the highest form of flattery =/